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honestly both my old clubmans were done dpf and egr delete and a 50/50 map its ofts out all the lag and still feels fast and i mean it really did feel fast when done and a slug when standard, we used both of them motorway and local stuff at 70mph cruise on was getting over 70mpg at 50 around 80mpg with local still getting high 60s, the psa engines are 108bhp standard and a bit laggy after at that done its 160bhp ish with next to no lag, and ironically at mot time they both went through the exhaust gas machine lower than they did with the dpf and egr intact,, mainly because the dpf filter at 75k is worn out really at 35k it spends more time trying to clean its self than anything else, so when removed it dont do all that wasted fuel and it also burns every last bit of energy from the fuel as well, so much better, i think the government is so tied up with brexit it's going to take many years before they really attack diesels much more, as face it 60% of cars on the road are diesels thats a lot of voters that would feel attacked by them maybe, also most mot bays no the score
trust me stu its night and day is the difference, cooper s go for diesel fuel costs , also the engine oil stays clean no carbon build up
I will talk with John when I'm there. It sounds a good price just have one concern about it but as I say will talk to him on the 15th
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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