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Maybe this question will become a "sticky for this thread..Thats up to MINIAC.
I read about this question and read hundreds of answers for two years.
I'm really not trying to DISS... anyone...And I'm grateful to have all the fellow Mini2 members be so helpful.
Here is a simple recommendation: Try using the search.
I put in one word "black" and these are the results........
Then I won't hear the word PEANUT BUTTER and MINI again in the same sentence. :D

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I have always had really good luck with just plain old Armor-All. First I use the Armor-All Cleaner followed by Armor-All Protectant. Keep them nice and black and shiny.

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1Z Plastic cleaner followed by 303 Aerospace works very nice!

The finish has lasted two weeks so far. We'll see how it holds up with heavy rains in the forecast for tomorrow.

"One white duck on the wall."

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Max said:
Guys, please read the thread title and do try and stay on topic:

"Black Trim Cleaning Search"

There are 3 products that will clean yr black trim:

*Toothpaste :eek:

*Peanut butter (smooth) :rolleyes:

*BMW Black Trim Cleaner (it does what it says on the bottle) ;) :D

All the other products mentioned in here are waxed-based: they will merely wax over the grime and u will end up using toothpaste or P butter....

I have been there, got the T-shirt etc.

Do promise me that you will go and buy the BMW stuff...> it works.

...and, no, I do not work for BMW :eek: ;) :D :D

Max :D :red:
Here is the description of Autoglym Bumper care.
Show me where it contains a wax.
Autoglym Bumper Care cleans and revives color, restoring plastic trim to its original finish. The rejuvenating gel continues to protect the surface by forming a tough, translucent, flexible barrier against atmospheric pollution.

Got wax stains? Autoglym Bumper Care easily removes dried on polish and wax stains from bumpers and trim. It enhances the appearance of matt black paintwork on trim, sill panels, emblems, grilles and vents like no other product we've ever tried.

Use Autoglym Bumper Care on all unpainted exterior plastic and rubber components, including bumpers, fenders, grilles, mirror casings, moldings, trim, tire walls, spoilers, vinyl convertible roofs and mud flaps.

325 ml. bottle. Imported from England.
I have used it and it works.......
As for BMW products, did you know they are only relabeled products?
Weaterstripping care (1Z )Einszett Gummipflege
Wax Yup relabeled P21S
Rim Cleaner AND Insect remover Sonax
Leather cleaner/protector 1Z Leather care.
So I Wunder what exactly what your trim cleaner is made by? Maybe Wurth?
BMW DOES NOT manufacture there own car care products. They Manufacture Cars!
They re label their car care products from other great car care manufactures!

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Autoglym Bumper Care:

"...Ideal for removing dried on polish stains..."

"...contains solvents..."

Which would probably be why it says:

"...contains petroleum distillates..."

A Wax-based Derivative sounds more like an investment opportunity than a grammatically correct constituent... :p
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