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Hi Mikey,

Hope you can advise me.

Toying with the idea of Parrot bluetooth for my Phone in my Mini for Xmas. I dont use the phone in the car alot but I loath stopping to use the phone.

Been looking on your website, and I dont know which parrot kit im really looking for, baffled by the choices tbh.

Ive a 1st Gen Cooper S
boost stereo with single cd bmw/mini Head unit
Dension Icelink plus (supplied by your good self previously)
Sports steering wheel with radio control but no phone buttons.
Phone is a sony ericsson currently if that makes any difference.

I quite like the idea of controlling the bluetooth via the steering wheel controls you provide, and routing the call through the cars stereo. And id preferably not have any wires showing if possible. (Friend just got a parrot ck3200 in his merc, and the display has to have a black wire ran to it.)

Also which mounting clip for the phone do you suggest for a Mini with a glovebox?


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