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Well, that I can not get the USB or Bluetooth to work (he keeps looking for my android phone) and never finds it. In turn, the mobile does not find the mini navi either.

The USB of the glove compartment if it charges but does not recognize music.
I have many questions and I do not know where to start.

1) How do I hard reset the browser?
2) Can the screen be turned off at some time?
3) Do I have to update via software?

My car is a Mini countryman 2.0 SD / ALL4 143cv 2011 - R60
Multimedia: MX-003.004.031
Telephone: TX-003.004.031
I clarify that the car 87,000 thousand km and I skip the service sign, brake fluid, etc.

I appreciate any info.



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Well don't know if this will help but, I just got my 19 plate countryman just over a week ago and shocked to find my Galaxy S10 wouldn't pair/connect with it (after spending hours trying everything). Dealership recons there is a software issue and eventually an update should sort it!

However, I found a workaround. Downloaded an app from the Play Store called Bluetooth force pin pair and unbelievably it worked and connected first time and have had no issues since. Maybe worth trying.
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