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Body kit ruins MINI styling shock !!!

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I have just seen proof that the official MINI body kit ruins the lines of the MINI!.
I parked my silver/black MINI next to another silver/black MINI c/w body kit and 17" "S" spoke wheels in a car park last night. My standard MINI made the body kitted one look messy and unfinished.
Just a personal opinion, but MINI made a serious mistake not giving the chrome grill and inserts as an option with the body kit.
I was going to spec. the body kit for my replacement cooper, but I won't now!! :eek:
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Yeah, I've gotta agree. The ugly black grill looks ugly
I agree totally ...

The $2800 they charge here for the kit is not worth it. It give the car a Civic Rice Burner look. And the fact that you lose all the chrome ... forget it!
I saw a kitted Cooper on Saturday. The grill looked OK (a body-colored surround would improve the looks immensely); the part that I didn't like was the body-colored arches on the front and rear "bumpers" - the lower sill and front/rear arches were body-colored, while the remainder of each arch was still black. The car also had hood stripes, and I think the white stripes help integrate the white roof and mirrors into what was otherwise a red and black car.
Not so sure about that black grille myself...

Saw my first Velvet Red (and White) MINI on Saturday and that had the black grille in what's called the "aerodynamic pack":

There was also another car in a MINI showroom with the black grille as well. Not so sure about the black grille myself but I don't actually hate it. I like the Velvet Red colour though - the car was parked in both sunshine and the shade so it was possible to get a good idea of what the colour looks like under all lighting conditions.
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The dealer has a MINI ONE in Pure silver with the same alloys as mine but the other car had the aero kit & mesh grille, it looked minging :eek: :eek: :eek: :( :(
If you do opt of an aero pack then you must have at least 17" wheels under the arches :) Maybe they could use a black grille from a MINI ONE :confused: :rolleyes:
Re: Not so sure about that black grille myself...

MiniMayhem said:
Maybe I've been using too much phenol in the lab today, but there's a certain "Dodge Ram" look about the car in the photo - the shadows seem to accentuate the shaped bonnet

I must admit that the body kit seems to suit darker coloured MINI's better.
Mind you, the kit fitted to the John Cooper Works silver demo car looked better because they had re-fitted the chrome grill.

Still prefer the standard design though after seeing both options "in the metal" parked next to each other. ;)
Aaaa, so thats the body kit is it?


See, I saw some of these in my local showroom, and absolutely loved them but I didn't know it was a body kit and though it was the new '02 variant - dont laugh! :p :rolleyes:

The thing is I actually like them! :eek: I like them a lot! :eek: :eek: :eek:

I agree that perhaps the black grill looks slightly tacky, but perhaps having or getting a MINI ONE has made me soft on the chrome even though I have got or will have :rolleyes: (ON THURSDAY :D :D :D ) chrome inserts! It just looks so much sportier I think!

So anyone know if they are fittable on the ONE and if so for how much?

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The bodykit looks cool but as far as that black grill goes, nonono!!! How could you actually get rid of some chrome!!! Silly.
I like both , grill and kit .
got to say the only one that i have seen and liked is the one with the grill reattached at John Coopers
Can't say that the kit does anything for me. I've seen one and I have to agree that while it suits a darker coloured MINI, I wouldn't want to own a car with the kit added.

Then again it's all down to personal choice at the end of the day. That's what makes the MINI so great, you can add the things that make the car personal!:cool:
I like the standard front and rear of the mini cooper. I have been thinking of getting only the painted sideskirts however.

Any opinions on that?
from what i have seen on here before you cannot buy just part of the official body kit it has to be the whole thing.

Have a search around and see what comes up, it may of just been the front and rears together?:confused:
Pieces is Pieces


The US Accessory Brochure lists the whole kit (with a single price) AND the individual pieces (with individual prices). Over here, we get our choice!
I saw a silver/black cooper on Saturday with the black mesh at the back sprayed silver and with clear lights. It looked ace, and has persuaded me to save up some cash for it!! Think i'd stick some chrome back on though...

yeah, I've seen a MINI with just the lower front bumper
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