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Bonnet Scoop Install

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Hi, I have a question for anyone who would be willing to help me out. I don't actually own a Mini, however I'm interested in putting the cooper bonnet scoop on another hood. This may be a lot to ask, but in order for me to decide if it would fit, would anyone be able to show me pictures of the hole left in the hood when the scoop is taken out and the way to scoop itself mounts. I don't have access to a Cooper to check myself but I can get the actual scoop. If someone could help me out I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks

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the profiles of bothe the bonnets are different so it would not fit correctly without a lot of fibreglass and filler. you would be best trying to pick up a mcs hood from a scrappy or somewhere from a car that has had a rear end crash
What car are you putting it on?

The MINI scoop is not like most other cars. The mini scoop is less of a scoop and more of a tunnel into the engine bay. It'd be very difficult to put on another car I'd imagine :confused:

Maybe you'd be better nicking one off a Subaru?
Thanks for the replies and I am aware of the fact that the scoop is less of a scoop and more of a channel. I prefer the look of it to a normal scoop because it keeps the hood smooth. I would take one off a Subi but that's been done before so I'm trying to do something a little different. I have seen it done on the car I'm putting it on, but it was the stock hood, but I'm trying to get a fiberglass or even carbon fiber hood so I'm trying to see how hard it would be to install. Thanks

Its not a good picture, but a few pages down on this page: is a picture without the scoop.

Maybe someone will find a better picture, but that's at least a start.
Thanks for those pics, that shows me a bit better how the hole would need to be cut. It looks like it might we challenging to attach to a hood made of anything other than metal

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