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Bonnet Vent

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After seeing the mess my induction kit makes of the sound deadening on the underside of my bonnet i'm considering installing a bonnet vent above it... I noticed that Diamond Racing Group have a yellow Cooper with such a mod...anyone on here also had this such mod done to their mini???
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dont cut up your bonnet, fit a cooper s bonnet, for the fact you can replace your old bonnet when i comes to sell,

this will provide the induction kit with all the cold air it needs, i am currenty looking for an s bonnet for this reason!

i dont know what you mean about sound deadening! if you have a vent in the bonnet, effectively a hole! then the sound will be even louder!


The problem with fitting an S bonnet is that's not where mgemie wants the vent. He wants it above the induction kit (sort of Ford Escort style :confused: ).

What's the induction kit doing to your sound deadening mgemie? I'm not sure that a vent would look so great on a MINI. I think you risk it looking pretty tacky. :confused:
I think he means it may be rubbing the material on the underside of the bonnet causing some damage to it!
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