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Hi all,

just passed my 3 years of warranty - 4 days ago, in fact. Haven't had too many issues with the car, and BMW have sorted out all those that I told them about without complaining. But now...

The boot latch opens every time the headlights go out (both when the stalk is turned, and when the courtesy delay turns them off). Has anyone had this problem before? I suspect its dodgy wiring that's been brought to light by the recent frosts, and typically, I'm now out of the warranty period. Do you think begging BMW to sort this out might work? Or am I wasting my time? If they do get stroppy about being a week out of warranty, am I right in thinking that this kind of problem so early in the life of a £10k car should be sorted out by the manufacturer anyway, warranty of no warranty, under the Consumer Rights Act?

Yours worriedly,

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