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boot light

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I would like to get a nice orange neon light for my boot interior.

I have a new mini with the lighter in the boot hence i thought this would be nice and easy but does the boot lighter only come on with ignition? If so not particular useful?

How else could i get a neon bar in the boot - some advice would be handy

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Ive got a similar question. is there any chance of linking a 12V neon bar up to the interior boot light so that it will only come on when the boot is open? I think the interior light is 6V

Any help?
I've worked out that the boot lighter is always on which is good and bad. I don't want the neon bar on all the time draining the battery.....What I need is for it to cut the power to the back once the car is locked?

Anyone know if this is a simple thing to do?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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