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Boot/Trunk is Jammed half closed...Help

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Does anyone know how to either manually release the boot or have a pattern with the key to unlock the boot.
I shut it this arvo and it did'nt close properly but when I tried to re-open the boot, it was jammed.
I kept on trying different things with the key and also the key hole in driver side door but to no success.
I think I had this problem before but the BMW salesman fixed it somehow.

Just dont want it flinging open doing 200 on the track :(
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Under the rear seat is an emergency release cable for the hatch. Try that.
Tavis1 :red:
lol saw this at the weekend apparently u need to pull the emergency release and open the boot/trunk at the same time. to do this u need long arms ;) or a willing assistant!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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