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bosch 17.4 ecu as in all mini/peugeot/citroen princes engines

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below is link for the service info on the bosch mev17.4 ecu all about what it does do and also covers the power latch guide used by techs to discharge static and deep processor glitches caused by random issues from flat battery's or wrong running, this will also reset adaptations but not fault codes fault codes are something totally different it also covers all senors and switches etc and what each one should do and even a scope picture for reference,

link for ecu and sensor info


How to reset all ecu's

this procedure is called a power latch

firstly turn on the ignition not engine running,
open bonnet remove battery positive lead and then turn off ignition.
then touch the positive lead to earth,this powers down all ecus and resets erasing intermittent faults in the process.then reconnect the battery lead.
if the vehicle doesnt start straight away leave the ignition on for 2-3 mins as it has gone into anti scanning mode.

upon starting the vehicle DO NOT TOUCH THE THROTTLE allow vehicle to idle until cooling fans cut in to allow the engine ecu to reset correctly and reprogramme the learning curve,then drive in all gears upto 4,000 rpm accellerating steadily.

as stated this resets all ecus so any electrical faults caused by conflict errors in programming will be erased and fixed.if the fault is still evident there is a problem that will need further diagnosis
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Another page with info about mini/peugeot/citroen princes engines ENGINE NAMING, MAINTENANCE AND SERVICING.
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