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Hi guys,

The F56 is a cool little car to own, but I have some issues that need to be repaired before the warranty expires.

Car: F56 2014 Cooper 1.5 Automatic

1. The car stalled a few times when I put in reverse to back out of a parking spot. The screen tells me to put it back into Park before I can start the engine again. After a quick google, it seems to be known issue on 2014 models and the fix was to get their ECU's updated at the dealer. It slightly increases the engine idle rpm.

Has anyone experienced the same issue as I have?

2. I plugged in my VIN number on Mini Recalls website. It had one outstanding item 'PROGRAM CONTROL UNITS (AIRBAG CONTROL UNIT)'. Is this related to the recent Takata incident? And is it a mass recall?

3. What other recalls or product enhancements should I be aware of? I stumbled upon a scary thread about crankshaft bearing recalls. Does it only affect MCS & JCWs with manual transmission?

Any help is much appreciated!

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