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If you search this forum there seems to be a problem with the brakes. It could be something to with the software but when the manufacturer won't make the software code available we'll never know.

From what I have read in the forum, it might be a problem when braking when less weight is on the wheels than normal due to going over the peak of a hump.

One circuit failing would be obvious when inspected.

I took part in an interesting test of driver reaction at MIRA ( a couple of years ago. Each volunteer put into a car full of instruments (including driver heart rate monitor) and was told to drive round a closed course, and a set of traffic lights would change just as we approached, so we had to brake quite hard.

On about the 4th time round one circuit of the brakes was arranged to fail. The pedal went most of the way to the floor, but quite a lot of braking was available in the end. I got the car stopped half a length past the traffic lights.

Then we were told that the test was over, and they just needed a bit more data. They were lying and the next time, the brake servo was turned off. It needed me to push really hard to get a lot of braking, but I got the car stopped at the traffic lights.

It was a test to see how well people managed, and I thought that it was quite a good bit of driver education as well. A lot of drivers will have no idea what a car will behave like with a partial failure of the brake system.
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