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Hello everyone

Driving home tonight the break pad sensor came on with an orange warning saying arrange for rear pads to be changed. No other warning than that. Wifey called the garage and booked the car in for a weeks time. Continued the journey home and two miles later the warning turned red and said book car in immediately. Called the garage again and the cars booked in for this Wednesday.

The cars done 16000 miles at the last service the rtyres etc were absolutely fine so a little shocked that the pads need replacing at this low a mileage is this normal??

Thanks in advance.
first set of pads on new discs always wear i bit faster as brake discs shine off they become less abrasive, its all about how driven ie if your on the gearbox or the brake pedal. find a lot of motorway use braking form 70-80mph will wear them out a lot faster than from 30-40mph,, EBC brake pads they make some really good pads worth a upgrade
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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