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So I decided to change the discs and pads all round due to extended pedal travel and worn discs.

Once they were changed I went for a quick bomb round the block, whilst there was an improvement the travel was still excessive.

Now I'm fully aware brakes need to bed in, but the pedal should still be firm.

I looked at the fluid nice and clean, service portfolio shows the fluid was changed by the main stealer eight months ago.

Phoned the stealer they told me it's normal on a mini and I'd need to get used to it.

However with twenty years spanner experience I disagreed and decided to drag the good old Gunsons eezi bleed out of the tool chest and change the fluid.

I was shocked at the amount of air that came out of the front calipers, the rears weren't too bad.

I also cycled the ABS pump during the fluid change, result proper solid and responsive brake pedal feel.

So in a nut shell, if you have this problem it's really worth checking the brakes have been correctly bled. I've read so many posts about pedal travel issues and this fixed mine.

Hope this helps somebody else.

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I was just googling and came across this thread - thought I’d ask since it was recent.

I just changed my front discs and pads on my F54 MINI CooperSD. I’ve done brakes frequent enough on other cars that it was straight forward.

After bolting everything back up, I went out to bed them in the usual way. 20-5mph / 40-5pmh / 60-20mph repeated a few times.

During this (and in subsequent drives after letting them cool back down) there seems to be a lot of extra travel in the pedal, even compared to before with the worn pads & discs.

I only replaced the pads/discs, never replaced the fluid. I had the reservoir open for the time I was changing the brakes (couple of hours) but that shouldn’t introduce any air into the system.

I’ve been reading that it’ll take time for them to bed in... but I’ve not had this on any previous cars. Is there something I need to do to reset them?

The pedal goes rock hard when pumping it stationary.

Everything seemed to go ok. Just this weird extra pedal travel.

Any advise would be graciously taken!



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I think the advice would be to bleed them. Even if you think it was impossible for any air to get in, it may have, water too. Won't do any harm to bleed them and might just sort your issues.
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