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Hi guys, hope are all well.
I have had an issue happen twice now with my brakes on my 2008 Cooper. On both occasions when i have needed to brake, the brake pedal has gone all the way to the floor and did not come back until i lifted off. The car did stop on the second go but it definitely gave me a scare. Dropped it into mini today and they manged to get the same thing to happen once on a test drive. The car has no leaks on the brake system and no faults on the car, so they advise whilst they do not know for sure that the master cylinder is replaced. But i was nearly as scared as the brakes going when they quoted nearly £800 to replace the master cylinder.

I have looked and i can get another much cheaper and will get someone to fit it, roughly how much should i except to pay for labour for this job? Also apart from the master cylinder what other parts could go faulty to cause an issue? Just thinking i may get all the parts and replace at once. The mini garage did say that the master cylinder could just be the first thing and can not say if it will solve the issue.

Any help and advise would be apricated.

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