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Hi All,

So I've had a few issues, fitted a low mileage engine last weekend.
Its had a new timing chain kit with exhaust sprocket, crank sprocket, tensioner etc. Took the little valve out and checked it wasn't gunked up and the ball bearing was moving freely and springing back as it should.

Anyway, it drives well etc, but........

From cold, when I start it up a get a very very brief top end rattle, sounds like hydraulic lifters are loosing oil over night.

It did overheat while trying to bleed the cooling system up, is there anything in the head or lifters that could have become damaged when it overheated maybe some kind of non-return valve?

I've carried out the following:-

New genuine thermostat housing.
Vacuum filled cooling system to prove no leaks and to bleed system correctly. -OK
Repaired low speed fan resistor
Up to temp tested with a CO2 sniffer - OK

Link to video of noise

Thanks all.
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