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Britax Isofix child seat..for mini?

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Britax have just launched an isofix child seat, their website gives a list of cars they have tested it in, mini doesn't appear here (yet??)

Its just that it is about half the price of the bmw seat and if as good would be quite a bargain.

Does anyone have any further info?
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I have looked into the ISOFIX seats for the MINI.

I phoned up Britax and that said it was unlikely to be approved for use in BMW / MINI's as they need the cooperation of BMW to provide an approval.

Basically I think it is BMW trying to protect its sales of its car seats which is shameful considering its an issue on safety and kids safety in particular.

I thinf the ISOFIX BMW seat for 9 months + works out at £247 (including restraining tray) which seems alot if you actually have a look at the seat.

The ISOFIX mounting makes it really easy to install though.

What is the exact price of the Britax ISOFIX seat?
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The rrp is about £160

should be a bit less in the shops
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