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broke down :( - linkage failure

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my 04 MCS broke down today after a journey of approx 200m from where it was parked due to the larger of the 2 linkage ball joints (engine side) 'popping off'. after a 2 and a half hour wait for the MINI emergency services to come and rescue me, the fault was quickly diagnosed and sorted roadside by the technician.

he accessed the linkage by removing the air intact and very easily pushing the ball joint back on which he said was to easily pushed on and i should book the car in asap for it to be properly looked at. meanwhile i have to use the car as little as can be helped and be very gentle with her til i have her inspected.

the fault happened when braking and shifting down and the result was a 'floppy' gear stick. i wasent putting the car under any unusual stress and was driving carefully and slowly at the time

has anyone else experienced any problems similar to this (or have any knowledge of it) and did the fault happen again after the first time as i am worried about braking down again in a worse situation next time (ie. a busy junction or dual carriageway)

thanks for any advice :)
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Years ago there was a recall on linkages coming off but its been a LOOOOONG time since I've heard of one. Certainly 2004 cars shouldn't be doing this. It was 2001 and 2002 MYs that had it IIRC.

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