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Broke my 04 Getrac gearbox !

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Well with less than 1500miles on my MCC, blatting through the lanes :D come to junction, go for 1st and damm, could not get the lever in, no crunching. Try other gears fine so had to pull away in 2nd. :( .

Get the car home and call Mini Emergency. They send out the mechanic that looks at the linkages, confirmed its broke and arranges for it to go to my local dealer. Drove it there Wednesday and got given a hire car.

Diagnosis today, raised a Puma report with BMW and it needs a new box! To be fitted Monday.

Is it me or are the boxes not that great? This is my 3rd mini and 3rd box !!!!!

1st was changed a week before I sold the motor, worked fine but was just noisy under load (something I hear a lot of complaints about on the Getac box).

2nd was changed cause it was a bugger to get reverse (very common).

And now this.

Must say I find the Getrac box better than the British Midland box and the ratios do a better job of tugging the old girl around. But what is it with reverse? Crunch. Not common with other motors.

Wait to see what Monday brings, oh well gives me the weekend to enjoy my Astra! as they say "Only one car faster than a company car, a hire car" :p :p
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As one that's been through one of the "old" gearboxes already, this is a bit disheartening about the new Getrag box!! :confused: :(
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