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:eek: Because there are no other runs between now and Christmas (least I don't think!)
whats your thoughts on a run over Bronte Country, it will have a clever catchy title of "The Bronte Run".
Up to press I'm unaware of anybody covering this before, it will stretch over Bradford, Halifax with maybe a bit of Huddersfield thrown in, I'm provisionally setting the date for early December dependant on the response.
Give us your thoughts. :) I think this one will be very popular!! :D Rams

I've now set the date for Sunday the 5th of December 2004 meeting at 9am @Greens Health and Fitness, Calder island way, just off Denby Dale Road Wakefield, juntion 39 of the M1. WF2 7AW

I've spoken with the GM and have arranged tea, coffee, soft drinks and as many bacon and egg sandwiches you can stuff in your pockets!! I just need £3 each for all that!

In addition will be a christmas quiz and also a prizes on offer for the best dressed car a bit 'o' tinsell that sort of thing I'll leave the rest to your imaginations. :red: :green: :eb: :indi: :yellow: :silk: :silver: :dark: :black: :gold: :blblack:

I think to add a bit more fun and to win the best dressed car prize. I've themed this run 70's stlye, so best wigs,Garms (Threads) (ask the pimp RIch for the definition of these), burns and moustaches at the ready. Women drivers have optional choice of Wigs/Hats/Headgear (No GImp masks or Burberry caps please)
This is NOT compulsary but more chance of winning 6 months free memebership at on of Wakefields premiere health clubs.

This will be my first run as an organiser, but I like what you all like, that is uncluttered twisty roads,a bit of nice scenary and not too stop starty, it will promise to be a long run covering a good few miles of West Yorkshire, 102 miles to be exact, but well worth it.

I've set the numbers to 30 cars Max. I think this will be more than enough 2 groups of 15.

Thankyou all for supporting me in this, and if anybody is'nt happy at the end, I've give them £3 back!!!! (ask for written details, subject to status mini owners exempt) :D

The Big Links List

Direct Bronte Run Link:
The important bit on safety please read:
MAP LINK to Greens Health and fitness:[/url]

Video footage US:
Games: or
Fancy Dress
Restaurant Link:

Important Notes 7,8
Funny Photos: Pages 12,10,8, 4, 2,
Car photo's: Pages 13,12, 4
Various: Maps and address of Greens: Pages 14,13

Top Boys and Gulls on the run

1,Mini_trainer +1
2,Parc 77
3,Ian CLark
5,Rich IX
7,The daddy 02
8,Marquis 73
9,Veron 781
10,Shane and Helen
11,Captain Cane
12,EM Dust
13,Aunt Nellie & Paul
15, ;) Half way ;) Jamo
16,Zack W
17,Phil Butterworth
18,Janine Garner+John
19,Major Tom and his lovely daughter Lucy
20,Helen Bootland
21,Bee Bee 'n' Jay (only 9 places remaining) :) :D
24,Villa Mini
26,Notts04 chillimini
27,Maddy Cox
28,Dave Savage
29,Matt 18
Last spot 30, Chris from thornes Jaguar
Reserve 1:Jilly Powell
Reserve 2:

Direct Link:

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this is what we like to see - get back off a run & imediately start organising your own :D

i'll be up for this if i'm available - weekends in december tend to get taken up with christmas parties & shopping. should be a good area to plan a run though

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scooby212 said:
Count me in Mr Ramsey

I wont be passengering this time so il be in mine - oooo another run .....cant wait ;)
Yep I will be up for this one, thank god we wont be near sheep on this one. lol

Givin ya some stick on this!!! only joking!!
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