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Hi !
I've been doing a lot of research in these forums about all the HiFi stuff.
I have checked over the internet for every single type of systems and come out to this:
I would want your opinions on it, if you think of other possibilities within the same price range I'd be glad to hear them.

HU- Alpine CDA -9835
Subwoofer: Infinity 100.3 DVC (275-1100 watts) 10"
Front Speakers : Focal 130V (component speakers) (60-120 watts) (would the crossovers fit in the door?)
Rear Speakers: Focal 690 HC (50-160 watts)
Amp: I really don't know anything about these , do I need a mono , 2 channel or multichannel?

My main purpose of the system is to listen to crystal clear music , and sometimes to be able to put the volume higher ( u know what I mean)

Thank u!!
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