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Bulb warning light on

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Hello all,
Mini One R56. Dash wanring light is on the dash (only on ignition) but all the lights work fine. Even replaced some bulbs just in case. It failed the MOT because of it and they can't find a reason nor reset the wanring light. Anyone any ideas please???

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On my r55 I kept getting the exterior bulb blown warning but all bulbs were working. Turned out to be one of the front sidelight bulb holders was faulty.
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The MOT is an inspection.
How come if they inspect all the
lights and they’re all working, they
still fail it for the bulb warning light on
the dash?

Here’s the deets on the inspection
requirements for the relevant part
of the MOT.

It says off side from position lamp not working... no idea what's wrong tho...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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