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I called the MINUSA number Monday and was told my baby was ready to ship out on Wednesday and be at the dealer on Friday (today)

My salesman called me on Tuesday (I think) and said they were expecting her on Friday....if she got in early enough she could be set to go on Saturday...but if not then she wouldn't be ready until Monday or Tuesday.

My hubby was away on business but made arangements to come home today because we were 99% sure she'd be in tomorrow.

For fun I called MINIUSA again today.....she hasn't left SC yet :( She "might" be on a truck today.

damn damn damn

I'm sorry, I'm normally a pretty patient soul, but I was soooooo ready for her to be here this weekend!!!
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Sorry to hear that. At least you will get her next week! Just think, I won't get mine until August!!! (hoping that will make you feel better?)
:D :D ;) :) :D
I suppose I should realize that there are people in much more dire MINI straits! :)

It's just been almost a year since we first put our deposit down...whine whine whine LOL

I'm as bad as a kid on Christmas eve :)
you will be even worse when it comes because you will want to play with it all the time :D

what spec have you gone for?
She's a Cooper (CVT..hey, I really can't drive stick...don't laugh!), Indi Blue w/ white roof and wheels, Sport package, cruise control w/leather steering wheel, and on-board computer.

Well if you get to have a go with a stick do it, its great fun and you will soon get the bug!!!:D :D
Ours might get here on the same truck! Yours is going thru Tom Bush right? I'll pick mine up on Tues.

WAIT!!! That was my salesman. IT'S HERE!!:D :D :D It's going to the body shop as we speak to have the stripes put on the hood and the spoiler added and detailed and whatnot.

Maybe they were on the same truck? Hope you get yours soon. If you pick yours up on Tues afternoon I may see you there!

Take care and good luck! (easy to be cheerful right now:D ;) :) :cool: :D :p :D ) Course I'm a cheerful sort anyway!

Indi/white/white, black cloth, premium, xenon, fog lamps, DSC, bonnnet stripes, spoiler. Beautiful. Now to call a sign/tint shop and see about white-vinyl-ing the sunroof. I'm off to go take a peek!

one of the 'twins' (my brother's Cooper S) was also delayed..
now OL said it's etd: June 16 :(
Cooperbabe, I feel your pain. I'm in the same situation. My Cooper shows up on the boat today, but won't be ready to pick up until Monday, and I have to go away to work from Sunday til Wednesday. I'll be leaving the airport and going straight to the dealer.
jbkone.....hmmm.....are you sure that wasn't mine? LOL

Congrats! How did everything go with the rest of the buying process? etd is now 6/18 :( When I talked to MINIUSA on Friday they said she would be leaving that afternoon.....I think she got a little more delayed :('s a good thing....right???? LOL

I am hoping yours is coming soon..
my missing twins is at the dealer as of today...

I am going there with my other 'S' to check it and have it shipped to my bro... :D

enjoy the motoring soon OK? ;)
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