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I live in Brisbane Australia and want to purchase a used mini, I am concerned about the cost of parts as I have owned a European car previously and the prices are in the $,$$$ for example a fuel pump $2600 😟.

Is there any particular model / year etc that has tended to have more issues than others?

Is an automatic potentially more problematic than a manual?

Which are the big tick items if they go wrong?

Any advice on how to avoid big repair bills etc for example anything that is above any beyond the regular service for example is it necessary to replace oil in the gearbox etc?

Is an older model with lower kms / miles acceptable above a newer model with average or above average kms / miles.

Any advice would be really appreciated.



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You can just google Mini Faults and best models to buy. Lots of info.
They say Minis are great and reliable if you service them regularly and spend the MONEY on them.
Dealerships servicing is more expensive but you can find euro car specialists or good mechanics (I am in NZ).
They say a basic Mini Cooper 1.6 with a manual gear box has less to go wrong than a turbo model.
Ive read 2005 6 models good - and prev research said 2004
(which i own). Mechanic just worked on it said its a good car/model. Said has good motor (more basic in early models? he said its pueguet)

The early Mini r50s have fault with drivers window sticking (mine seems to on a hot day,). Fix by pounding fist on door between speakers. (works).
I have had it 8 years from approx 40000km. Now approx 136000km
new battery (expect maybe another soon) its aftermarket not bmw.
Oil filled wheel mount failed (common?)
brakes and rotars (front then rear)
Power Steering pump (common fault...dont over use eg trying to park)
cost about $1200.00 nzd at alternate garage.
Tyres..... Hankook runflats ventusprime2 but last set only lasted almost 2 style...wore faster. (but note lower arms worn).
As I bought car with 15 inch aftermarket non runflat tyres (I suspect were on from new as Pirrelli) I got 2nd hand 16 inch Park Lane Mini mags that had runflat Hankook tyres on them.A more balanced ride.
SIx months ago... lower arm bushes had shattered/worn out.
(told BMW dealer who servicrd car thst a pull and tyre wear and got told car was fine! and wof issued). I had to get new tyres and they saw wheels were moving fwd when braking. I found a new mechsnic).
Rocker cover gaskett replaced.
(with service $1400 nzd).
Now: Sparkplugs
Oh Rocker gaskett under warranty as
New Clutch (had been shuddering)
and machined flywheel.
Replaced cabin air con pollen filter ($80)
Oil change and filter. 6 hours labour.
Gear Box oil change...all up ($1560).
AND they say its all good now!
Driving really well.
Little things to replace now as it ages. like....
The key buttons wore out (looking for a shell)
Need new bonnet stripes (perished).

Hope this helps!
choose a 'good model'
you have to love them.

My previous 1995 Honda Civic did 333000km.. Only a couple of wheel bearings and distrubutor and cv joints as it aged along with normal servicing.
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