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Hello everyone,

Over the past week I have been looking for a first gen MINI cooper with a budget of just under £4,000. To cut a long story short it’s going to be an early xmas gift for the girlfriend (she absolutely loves MINI coopers and It would be a great additional car for me to drive as well! so it's win-win).

Anyway today I found a 54 plate MINI cooper, 2 previous owners, looks great, low mileage, etc..
Here’s the ad:

I have run the registration plate through a quick car check at and it's showing weird mileage, apparently the mileage history shows as:
21st Feb 2009 - 26,303 miles
16th Mar 2010 - 11,550 miles
12th Mar 2011 - 30,212 miles

View attachment 276048

Is there any logical explanation for this? I really like the colour and think it would make a great early xmas present for the GF but after seeing this I don’t know whether to move on and find another or ask for more information? What would you do?

Any advice is appreciated, thank you and I look forward to hearing from other MINI cooper owners.
Try to use the DVLA should show mileage when MOT was checked.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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