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Right.... Regarding my intravee install

I have bought an Ai extension cable so that I can have the alpine box hidden in the front underneath the head unit and the ipod in the glove box. The Intravee will be in the boot cubby next to the HK amp.

I have routed the extension cable from the rear cubby, under the plastic trim where the CD Changer cables went, under the boot floor liner and under the back seats. The wire is currently coming out or the middle of the back seats.

I want to route the cable down the middle of the car, under the carpet in the gap by the handbake, then the gear lever etc.

Anyone know how to get loosen the handbrake assembly bit so I can route the cable through? Or even just get my hand in and pull it through? Ive loostened the gear shift front section before but cant see a way to do the rear handbrake and cup holder bit.

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