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Can anybody help please?

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Got this problem with my 2012 Mini one (R56). When I switch my daytime driving lights on (on the stick) my side lights or headlight low dip beam lights or whatever it is comes on as well. I see other mini's that don't, just the little lights on under the front bumper. How do I turn them off? I've been into the settings programme on the stick and I can't turn them off without turning off the daytime driving lights altogether. Anybody help?
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Thank you for taking the time to help but I don't think you quite understand.
My Daytime Running Lights work perfectly. Providing the headlight stick on the side of the steering wheel is turned back to the first click the DRL will come on and off as you turn your ignition off and on. The trouble I'm having is when they are on, the side lights in the headlights also come on, so that means there are four lights showing at the front, DRL under the front bumper and the side lights in the headlights also. I've seen other Minis go past in the opposite direction and they don't have all four illuminated, just the DRL under the front bumper. I've been into the change/set menu on the stick and I can't find a setting to turn them off and just leave the small DRL on. The only setting I found in there turned the DRL's off/on. I hope that's clear to you.

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Turning the light switch to the first position turns on the sidelights (below bumper) rear and number plate light. Not DRL.
If you set DRL's on in the menu, then if you have autolights on for some strange mini reason the headlights come on as well exactly as you have in your picture.
Thanks Stu,
Been outside with the car seeing what you mean and yes you're right. I've always thought that the DRL's are the little ones under the bumper. Would have made more sense in my mind. Now if I want to drive in the day with the small ones under the bumper on I have to switch them on to side lights via the stick each time I go out in the car.
Really appreciate your help with this.
Stay safe.
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