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Can Anybody Tell Me What Is Making This Sound.

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when i start from a complete stop either forward or reverse, i get a weird creaking from the front of my car. it not coming from inside at all. it sounds like it is the wheels or the axle. it even does it if i am on a slight hill and am stopped, then let go of the break. once the car starts moving i get a creeaak sound. and thats in neutral and not engaging the clutch. so it definatley is not transmission or even engine related. anybody have a clue what it could be. it sounds like my axle or wheels are old and rusted and are going to fall off. i had this problem three months ago. took it to the dealer and they said it was nothing. then it went away by itself. it is now back again and slightly louder.
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Could the brakes be rubbing slightly?
I know mine are a little noisy from time to time.
noooo. its not a break rubbing sound. it is a stressing, creaking sound. like an old chair or a creaking floor. but metal creaking. like the metal is being really stressed.
what about engine mounts that what it sounds like to me. get the deale rto check out
sound is even worse today. i called the dealer and i am going to bring it in saturday.
I think I have the same thing... used to think it was exhaust resonance but no one can find anything.... drives perfectly fine - it's just a little disconcerting... one day I'll get around to getting to the bottom of it - or if you do first let me know what it is!!! :) Good Luck. :)
OK, i just had to go out and move my car in the parking lot. anyway i noticed something that might help you guys figure out what this noise is. when the car is sitting still, and i turn the wheel, the front end makes that sound. like an old rust creaking sound. like stressed metal bending. or an old creaking pirate ship. is my car safe to drive. i have an 80 mile round trip drive to work. so i will have to drive it at least 160-200 miles on the highway before i can get it to the dealer. again, it creaks when i go forward or reverse from a standstill and also creaks when i am at a standstil and turn the steering wheel side to side. and the sound is getting worse every day. do any mechanics out there have a clue what this sound isbecause it is starting to sound dangerous and i really don't want my front wheels flying off on the highway.
took it in to the dealer just now. they let me come right in. the tech listened to it and said aggh.... sounds horrible. something is seriously wrong with the ball joint or steering. they kept the car and i now am driving a gold mini (golden nugget) CVT. car should be all fixed by tomorrow.

by the mini has 6500 miles and is a three months old 2005 MC.
Eeek... sorry to hear that :( Poor Mini. Hope they fix it quick and you get the car back soon. :)
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