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Can anyone in London help me bleed my mini r56 JCW N18 or show me where all 3 bleed screws are with pictures

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Hi all ..... i am at my wits end with my car i have recently ( two weeks ago ) had a new thermostat fitted at LOHEN and upon collecting the car and driving back to London i have noticed that the cooling fan is on more or less all the time and very loud and every time i stop the car it stays on for around 5 to 10 minutes . i have spoken to LOHEN and they do not seem to be very interested ( not a happy bunny ) as stated i am totally at my wits end with the car as today the over heating warning light came on ( i stopped the car right away ) so i am wondering if any one London can help me bleed the car i will pay of course and travel to you if not to far or if you can show me via pictures where all of the bleed screws are as i simply do not understand all the technical terms people use . i also still do not fully understand the proper way to bleed the system on my 2012 n18 jcw any help would be much appreciated
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