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Can I fit rear interior brace to R59??

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Hi all,
I have recently purchased an R59 JCW and wanted to know if there is any way that I can fit a rear brace bar inside the boot area a bit like a GP but attached directly to the top mounts? Am I correct in saying that the suspension set up is the same as an R56? I have fitted a front strut which has helped a lot but I’m still not that happy with the rear end. I know there are braces for the underside of the car but I’d rather one in the boot if possible. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Kieran.
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I don't know about strut bars in the R59. You could probably get it to work. Biggest thing I had with my car back in 2010. Was the rear end. Now there are trade off's; is one thing to keep in mind. like pocket change that you put in the cup holder. And any thing that is not secured down.
My whole issue was on the highway. The broken white line on a good four lane highway. There are bumps and surfaces. Maybe not so much in 2021 as road are being updated all the time. But the back end of my R56 would sway whenever I would pass someone and go back in the normal and non passing lane. Or on a two lane highway at night passing someone. Just real feathers in my stomach type of stuff.
So I replaced my shocks for some B6 Bilstiens and power flex Trailing arm bushings, power flex rear control arm bushings(the press in yourself kind). And a hotchkis rear sway bar(on the middle setting. That completely took care of the problem passing people and the front end just having the super pro a arm bushings, and Bilstien B6 shocks worked great. I ran that setup for years. Finally I got the eibach front sway bar now everything that is not nailed down will make a noise. I imagine it could be worse. Plus it handles really nice on winding roads and turning. But really in the practical world I probably could have just gotten away with the trailing arm bushings and rear control arm bushings. Making passing cars rigid and not loose going over the broken white lines.
It's not that the bushing's on Mini Cooper 2nd generation are bad or anything. It's a lot of little stuff to contain the ride to something that is tolerable.
Just something to think about.
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