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Cancelling 05 MCS order (Feb del.)

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Due to unforseen circumstances, we are cancelling the MCS we've had on order since December, due for delivery next month. Does anybody have any experience of cancelling an order ie is the £500 deposit refundable? Or, would we be able to 'sell' our place on the waiting list as it's a great spec (although this could still be changed, I think). As it is, it's a fully loaded HB/B.

Any thoughts/advice gratefully appreciated.....


Gary :confused: (and gutted!)
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I had that concern about my current order (that I might have to cancel) and asked a good friend of mine who worked in a number of different dealerships what the score is.

He believed that although it is a "Deposit", dealerships don't have the right to take the money from you. If you paid your deposit by credit card - have a chat to the card company about it - most give free legal advice on that sort of thing.

Besides that though - he also said that most dealerships won't try and take your deposit unless you are really messing them about - and it doesn't sound like you are.

Also, if it's not being delievered til next month, it's unlikely it's been built yet, and won't be if you get in quick - so all the dealership has really lost is a slot - not a car to try and sell on.

I'd be open about it and have a chat with them - at least you'll know in the back of your mind that you have options available if they say no.

Hope that helps - and that you can re-order later :)

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What does it say on the contract? Check the small print.

I would think that they would not return the deposit if it is so late in the day that the car would be coming their way and could not be cancelled.
I have a Cooper S Auto being delivered 18 Feb. My dealer siad that even if I cancelled after build started, they would refund the deposit (£250) because they know they'd sell it.
depends on dealership i think.... but if i were u, i would expect no refund first!!!!
All sorted! Great service from Victoria BMW, Harrogate

Thanks for the replies. Called the dealer (Victoria BMW Harrogate) first thing and explained, and they refunded the deposit straight away. Phew....
great new!!! (for the bit that u can get all ur money back!!!)
not so good that u can't get ur car.... but hey.... one day, u might... who know!!! :)
Hi, by any chance was your MCS due for delivery around mid Feb?
Yes - was due for mid Feb and we were picking up March 1st for New Reg...
gcd190574 said:
Yes - was due for mid Feb and we were picking up March 1st for New Reg...
Few days ago 2days I got lucky with a cancelled order, meaning I can have an MCS by mid Feb, bypassing the horrid 4-6month wait.

So if it was your car! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! (in the nicest way possible) ;)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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