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Hi all. Some lady drove into the side of my car the other day and has caused all of this damage. From what I can make out, the whole bonnet has shifted to the left and obviously all this other side damage. I’m absolutely gutted, I’d only had the car a year and a day and had actually only driven it for two months in that time. Insurance are thinking it may be a write off as it’s leaking as well. They said this could either be the washer fluid bottle (if so repairable) or the radiator, hence them saying it might be a write off. It’s being picked up on Monday to be looked at by a garage as I can’t drive it as the wheel has been pushed in under the car as well so steering is all funny. Just trying to get an idea from here from people with knowledge what they think the garage may say. Thank you. PS. Sorry how dirty the car is, I drive it a lot through country lanes :(
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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