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Car going in for fixes-then get letter 2 days later - "Routine maintenance check"

I phoned my dealer to book the MCC in for some fixes and going in this week(roof ratlles-above passengers side,fading roof:mad: ,gap where seal meats roof, twisted seatbelts to name but a few) . Two days later I get a letter offering a routine maintenance check for £30.50+vat(for 1/2 hr). Is that a **** take?

Bought MCC begining of July 04 and decided to wait a while so all the problems(rattles etc)come out, then get them fixed at in one go. Wanted to enjoy my MCC throughout the summer(or should I have got problems fixed straight away as and when they arose?:confused: ).

Shouldnt the Dealer check these things as part of routine when it goes in to get the rattles sorted,considering I paid under £18,000 for the car?:confused: or dont the dealership's give a toss and cream us for what they can?

P,s Still love the car,its a dream to drive.
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