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Carbon Fiber Bonnet Scoop

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I wnat to pick up a carbon fiber bonnet scoop. Just wondering if anybody has suggestions on which company to buy from. US company's though. Thanks :dark:
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Carbon Fiber Scoop

My Black MCSCa has just arrived at the Dealership today, here in Naperville, Illinois.
I went for the Cooper Scoop and Boot (Trunk) handle as I worked on the basis that OEM equipment is generally a good bet.
The Cooper Scoop is $235.00 +Tax and the Trunk Handle is $168.00 + Tax.I will install them myself.
I also considered the BenFer Scoop whch is $299.00 plus Change, but again, went for the Cooper for reasons above. However, BenFer wax quite poetic on the subject of the quality of their Carbon Fiber, so you may want to check out the BenFer website.
Finally what steered me away was that BenFer do not quote for a Trunk Handle, and I wanted to ensure the carbon weave pattern matched on both ends!
It's always best to ensure the collar and cuffs are matching!
Ok...How'd I miss this?

Are you saying the MINI offers a carbon fiber hood scoop and trunk handle? Where do I find THAT!? I logged on tonight to research carbon fiber hood scoops and it seems I've struck gold! I will also check out the BenFer site...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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