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Celtic Tuning Remap 2015 F56 with JCW kit

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Hi all,

Just wondered if any of you had remapped a copper S with the celtic tuning stage 2 pack? Its 325 pounds and takes my 211bhp JCW kit car to 285bhp, so hopefully 290 with my cold air induction and JCW exhaust? Any recommendations or advice?


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The ones at Newquay, Cornwall?

I had my 2016 Ford Ranger done there two years ago, Ecu out remap with rolling road tune. 60k miles later an no issues. Made a massive difference. Defiantly recomend.
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i've had a fair few maps done by them in the past and dpf deletes etc, very professional they have latest gear as well, they also have franchise outlets i believe most of their maps design done at newquay
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