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Centre console removal

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Does anyone know how to remove the panel surrounding the gear lever? Or even just the cup holder in front of the gear lever?
I wish to fit a switch to control front parking sensors, to the north east of the gear lever and need access below this panel
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Is this picture of any help?

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ro_explorer thanks for that, yes I have that.
I have been able to remove the gear lever surround (22) which allows me to feel under the console, lots of strengthening webs on the underside! I was able to remove the trim around the cup holder and the mat below (16 & 17) which got me nowhere. I could not figure how to remove ( 14) which I hoped would provide the access I was hoping for. Ideally I would like to remove the console top? (8) but cannot see how this is fixed.
I suspect I shall have to mark out the location for the switch, bite the bullet and drill from the top and fish the cables through from below. I do need to be careful of the yellow interlock on the gear lever!
I have not dismantled my center console yet (no reason to do that) so I do not know more than the diagrams found on the www. I'll do an exercise and see if it's a straight forward procedure and let you know.
I have had a bit poke around underneath the gear lever surround panel and do not believe there is enough room for the switch I am wanting to install.
So now I am thinking about the panel that holds the USB & cigarette lighter socket, but would prefer to pop this panel out first to check. Item 9 on this pic.
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I posted on the MINI PHEV Facebook page and some kind fellow advised me of this site which provides the info I want.
I got the panel off, drilled a hole for the switch, wired up the switch, I now have front parking sensors! Technology Electronic device Switch
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