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Change battery on 2012 Mini One (petrol)

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My wife left her lights on for at least a week and so the battery in her Mini One is dead and apparently cannot be revived. I've tried charging it with a charger overnight several times the last few days and it gets enough charge to turn the lights on but won't turn the engine over - it just beeps. So guess it needs a new one.

The batter is under a flap in a compartment under the passenger side wiper and the hole the battery in doesn't look large enough to just pull the battery up through.
So I'm wondering if anyone can help with:

1. Do I need to look out for any special sort of battery?
2. Do all batteries come with little tube that this one has connected (overflow or something?)
3. How do I get the battery in and out
4. Any other special requirements I've not thought of?

Much appreciated :)
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Did you change your battery? I changed mine on Monday and it was straight forward. I bought a like for like one in terms of specs but it wasn't supplied by BMW Mini so they won't code it to my car as it has an IBS. I am now trying to find out what sort of diagnostic tool an independent garage would need to reset it for me.
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Registered new battery in my brothers BMW last week no problem, my mates Snap On which he pays to update wouldn't do it.
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