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Change EU maps to US maps

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I am new to this site and to Mini Cooper's in general. My wife and I just purchased a 2016 Mini Cooper Countryman JCW while stationed in Germany. The car is US spec, however was ordered by the first owner in Germany therefore was equipt with european maps. We are now back in the US and would like to have the US maps installed. Please advise as how to do this. Thank you.
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If it's DVD only based system then should be simple enough.

But, if it's HDD based then you'll most likely need someone who can generate key codes for the map and system you're using.

If you google you should find someone who can do it for you.

Might be cheaper, easier and more up to date just using the mobile phone apps.
I appreciate the response KNT. It does use a DVD. I'll begin my search with that. I couldn't agree with you more about using the mobile app. Unfortunately, my wife feels differently. Since its her car, well you know. Thanks again.
If it only uses DVD based system maps then if you want original try ebay/Amazon cheaper than dealers.

If you buy originals maybe ask the dealers if it'll work as I don't think the DVDs will be region locked.

If you buy backup version try asking the seller if it'll work.

The satnav system will be updated from DVD to use the new DVD maps.
I also have European maps on my 2015 Mini Cooper S. US Spec, needs US maps installed. No DVD, just USB. Dealer wants $500+ to install - Any help out there for me? Thanks TONS!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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