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I managed to get some 2005 model year lights and fitted them to my 2003 MINI Cooper S.

If you've read my past comments and complaints on the 2005 update you might wonder why, well, although I prefer the look of the original MINI lights, the new lights I have seen are MUCH brighter at night. As I do a lot of journeys in the dark during the winter months, a lot with our toddler in the back, I thought it was sensible to change if the chance came up.

MINI offer a retrofit kit, which is more costly, but will no doubt be much the same principle. Their kit includes the red fog light unit (replaces the white reverse light unit) which I didn't get, but I got a solution for this (which you'll see below).

The lights and wiring took about an hour in total to do, thanks to instructions posted by Mikeythemini of on this forum a while ago, I'll repost those to in case anyone else wants to do this.

I didn't change the reverse light to the new reg foglight unit, I just got a new bulb (from Mikeythemini too) which is silver/pearl when off, but lights up red. Very effective, and road legal, which is good!

First of all, some pics....

1) All lights off, flash used to photograph.
2) Fog off, lights on, no flash used to photograph.
3) Fog on, lights on, no flashed used to photograph.
4) Fog off, lights on, flash used to photograph.
5) Fog on, reverse lights on, lights on, flash used to photograph.

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How I did it...

This might be a full FAQ in the future, but in the mean time...

(Posted by Mikeythemini, and modified by me)...

Remove left rear cubby, chop the yellow/brown wire going to the light cluster, extend the side coming from the light and run it across to the right cubby.

I did this by removing three screws and sending the wire down the corner of the plastic moulding nearest to the rear of the car. The wire is then tucked under the trim all away across, and up the other side in the corner.

Remove the right rear light. Chop the yellow/black wire going to the light cluster, extend the side coming from the light with a short length of cable.

Under the right rear light you will see a loom going down through a grommet in the floor, chop the blue/yellow. Connect the side of this that comes from inside the car to the 2 extended rear light wires (this wires up your reverse lights, and disconnects the "old" reverse light in the bumper).

Connect the side of the blue/yellow that comes up through the floor to the car side of the chopped yellow/black that no longer goes to the rear right light (this connects the "new" fog light).

Fit new "red" bulb into the old reverse light position.

Put the screws back!

Job done.

(This job is done at the owners risk) The car must have rear fogs for this to make sense/work- some USA models don't.

I'm very happy with the install, you really can't see what you've done if you tuck the wires neatly out of the way.

Tools needed are a phillips/cross head screwdriver for the side panels, I used a couple of metres of wires, some "screw" wire connectors/junctions to make the connections neat and solid (so you need a small flat head driver for those), and of course wire cutters/strippers.

Alternatively, you can see here: for the official retrofit kit installed.
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