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Changed out my radiator today

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:coffee: Man it's a dreary day here. I had to replace my radiator and cooling fan. As my others are very questionable.
I kind of blame the sloppy work I did on the last job of installing my Radiator performance hoses.
I did not account for a couple things. How much the upper old hoses were holding water, AND how the connection to the radiator cooling fan sits right under them. Ahhh! maybe not so much that. I have heard my fan spool up in about a month. No codes are thrown heater is functioning normal. I being the only owner as it was not a pre owned back in 2010 when I got it; It was a company car.
So I decided to just replace the cooling fan. Also the performance hose being ridged unlike the stock hose(which is some dang good hose almost worth what they charge for it excellent in hot environments; has bloated over the years. When I vacuum filled it held it pressure. And I filled it. But I was getting residual coolant about a half a shot glasses worth each time I parked it. This has been going on sense about two weeks ago, SAME DAY I posted the thread here about radiator performance hoses.
The new hoses are rigid unlike the old ones and must have made the old radiator crack in a weld or vein somewhere. That or ither; the hoses were too stiff for the band clamp to clamp hard enough(I did not want to strip them). I ordered new band clamps anyway to replenish my stock after doing the job in heavier gauges and sizes. So I gonna be using that.
Anyway I have to pressure test the old radiator and do not want to mess around with all that now.
Here's a pic of the old radiator.
Crankset Automotive tire Steering part Steering wheel Bicycle part

It's a standard genuine radiator. The Fan however was replaced by a luxury sport car mechanic in 2016 or so(Just a bosch).
Heres a pic of the new radiator almost entirely covered up after sliding it into the radiator core support which is a perfect fit.
Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Vehicle

I was entirely impressed with the new genuine mini cooper radiator from it's flawless appearance to it's extreme and thoughtful packing. The outer cardboard box it came in was not even scratched or dented.
The Radiator fan I went with was a BEHR,HELLA,BOSCH.
Tire Automotive tire Tread Alloy wheel Wheel

So that wrapped it up today. tomorrow onto draining the other side of the system and making it ready to be vacuum filled hopefully the last time for a while. I keep my extra Auxiliary turbocharger coolant pumps on stand by just in case.
I know they can only handle about 27 pounds of pressure once or twice from compressed air. Anyway it was worth it. Out with old in with the new.

total cost was $650 U.S.
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