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Hi - not sure of your real name - have we met? ! Not sure how Karl would react to that, ask him I suppose.

I would prefer to go with my babe but thank you anyway.

C x
Jon was the very tall handsome fellow in the pale yellow sweater that smelled of ciggies :p

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What time do folks want the table booked for? 8.30? And bowling at 7.00?

And if bowling then lanes will need to be booked in advance as it gets really buisy - can someone co-ordinate this for me please as work commitments and other Ball stuff means I wont have time! Details of the bowling alley opposite Red Hot are here Northampton - Tenpin

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Plant Oxford Tour?

Is anyone else considering combining a Plant Oxford Tour with the Ball weekend? We'' be travelling over from Luxembourg earlier in the week, and hope to book our tour date in a couple of weeks time....


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This week has been one of planning and aligning work with social life

The plan
  • House in Modena available from 15th April
  • Physically move from Camberley to Modena week commencing 21 st April
  • Fly back to UK on 9th May
  • GP display at Himley Hall on 11 th May
  • Hospital appointment on 12th May
  • Work in UK for the rest of the week
  • Charity ball from early Friday until sober enough to drive on Sunday
  • Monday 19 & Tuesday 20 drive from UK to Modena via Stelvio
  • Wednesday 21st Long term living in Italy commences
Lets see if we can keep the plan - lots of things to do in order to make this happen. A key thing was that I got agreement to work out of the UK for a week in May, plus an agreement that if required I can ship my things from UK to Italy in 2 loads if items we have on order do not arrive in time.
61 - 80 of 288 Posts
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