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Aloha wrenches,

I have this 05 S 110,000 miles with a clunking sound coming from I think the rear as I drive down the road, going over bumps, or turning; it's hard to narrow down. I'm trying to fix it for the owner who is off island. I've turned a few wrenches but I'm worried I'm over my head on this one, or at least standing on my head when I took the photos, and I can't get them rightside!

Owner previously redid the lower control arms, and looks like an aftermarket shock- see Pics-

what am I looking for, the owner thinks it is the Trailing arm Bushings and has ordered polyurethane.

If I use a pry bar at the front of the trailing arm how much should the trailing arm move?

Could there be a washer from the aftermarket shock that is rattling around?

How can I find and fix this clunking sound?

Thanks for any help


1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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