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would check the wiring from ecu to engine harness first off,, ie switched earths back to ecu for a start, if that all good then would be thinking timing chain stretched or top guide snapped off, or vanos sprocket failure,, the thermostat code there is a revise recall on some engines i believe covers this ie main dealer ask about it, the super knock cylinder two might be a cracked valve or head gasket issue or more likely linked to timing chain problem,, if that car was in front of me i would tell you prob looking a good 2-3 hours of strip and testing to find the issues,, as would do compression test and oil pressure test and would remove rocker cover and check chain with lock tools etc,, this all said there is a lot of codes on some stuff that would not be connected unless car was ever over heated maybe
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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