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Hey, just been brought my first car. Very happy 06 mini one chilli red. However washed it over the weekend and found quite a bit of lacquer peel on the bonnet (not the boot as I wrote in the title) and some chips right down to the metal work. There’s some other small areas of lacquer peel in other places but I can live with them.
I’m not looking to spend a fortune getting a bonnet re spray. just yet but wondering if anyone had some tips for the chips. My head is mashed with all the DIY options and I’m not very in the know with car stuff, wondered if anyone had any tried and tested things that I can do.

Also, I was gunna get some bonnet stripes to try and cover some of the lacquer peel. Does anyone know if these can go over lacquer peel and how easy they’d be to come off.

I added some pictures, doesn’t capture it as well when as in person, might need to zoom in.

Sorry if this question been asked before, I did a forum search and couldn’t find anything. Thanks on advance.


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