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I'm guessing that this might be a familiar story here, but .........

I test drove a Cooper shortly after the launch and was sufficiently impressed to order one. It arrived 3months later in October, and my impressions were favourable. OK, it doesn’t handle like the original, but what could? It’s :D :D :p on country roads, and equally comfortable cruising on motorways. It’s not particularly economical (averaging 30mpg over the first 2.5K miles), but I’ve managed to fit 4 males in it without too many grumbles from the back.

Unfortunately though, a couple of days ago (whilst parked) the electrical system appeared to become possessed. Kind of like Stephen Kings 'Christine'. The windows were attempting to open and close of their own volition, the courtesy light would come on when it felt like it and stayed on for as long as it liked, and the central locking sometimes failed to lock all but the drivers door. The practical upshot of this was that the optional alarm I had fitted was worse than useless. It developed a tendency to go off when one of the aforementioned gremlins struck, and you can’t lock the doors without activating the alarm. The mechanics had all gone home as it was Saturday pm and Mondial assistance couldn't do anything, so I thought I'd keep hold of it and see what happened. Well, the alarm kept going off so I eventually opted to leave the car unlocked overnight (but with a disk-lock on the wheel). Even choosing not to lock the doors didn’t stop it. The ***?*/! still managed to go off – at 3.30am on Sunday morning, forcing me to take it to the dealership there and then, leave it in their compound, and walk home. :mad: It seemed better than waking up the neighbourhood.

I spoke to the dealership service department on Monday morning. They did admit to seeing similar problems on other cars and, to be fair to them, appear to have promptly sorted it. By fitting a new ECU. I know this isn't a cheap part, but looking around this forum I'm beginning to wonder whether or not it will stay fixed.......... :confused:
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