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chrome detail on wheel arch

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:cool: Dear Mini2,

Some of the original minis i have seen out and about have slight chrome detail on their wheel arches (pictured below).

Anybody (monsta) know of anything like this for our new mini's? With those chromed up wing mirrors, chrome side & front grill and number plate surround it could look great if subtle enough! Bearing in mind my black cosmos cooper has matching wheel arches and highly polished rims on me wheels (coming soon).



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Coming soon, a few of us have seen the pre-prod pictures from Mini spares but are sworn to secrecy...


pretty please...

i need to see a pic, please please please!!

show me the path to chrome heaven...:D

gimme a link to click on....

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No sorry, I musn't upset my chrome provider :)
out of order monsta!


you cant do that man!

no fair! unless of course you are talking out of your monster hole again!?!?

tell us! we deserve to know! just for choosing the mini, pm me!!! please monsta!!

im desperate.

desperate to know about the chrome business on the wheel arch! i am a dedicated mini2-er! tell me please!


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It's not up to me I'm afraid, I promised that I wouldn't show anyone.

The pictures I have seen are only test designs and not definite products.

Chrome arch's

I might get you to start a poll on that one yet Monsta, but I will have to get the Ok first! Watch this Space!
This is something I have been thinking about posting about for a while now but thought no one would make them, I think its a gr8 idea and I would certainly be very interested in it as would many others in my opinion,

chrome detail in wheel arch


thanks for agreeing with me, but upto now monsta has declined to share his information with us.

C'mon monsta! spill the beans, shake the tree, drive the mini, show us the pics!!!!


chow 4 now.

alex croft.
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Don't hassle Monsta, they are my pics, hassle me! E-mail me directly, and I will send you a set of pics, as long as they go no further!
Thanks Simon. Wasn't sure if I would be breaking the official secrets act... :)
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