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Hey all, not been on here since march. Iv just bought myself a mini One cos iv got bored of sharing the One D my mum has (plus its guttless!)

Its a september 02 One, Black, just with 15" 7 hole alloys and chrome line exterior.

Im gonna add 18" alloys, Coop S spoiler, CD changer, and im wanting to change the front grill cos for some reason its black although its got chrome line exterior?

its the upper part of the grille, think its the radiator grille.

Im just wondering how much it is to buy in chrome (if u can) and how easy it would be to fit?

Cheers for any help.


off out....
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They are dead easy to fit - if i can do it anyone can! (& I'm normally useless at this kind of stuff).
We bought top bit comes in two sections (above & below the body coloured bit), then we had a bit of sort of mesh looking grill at the base of the bumper (not sure if you want this).

there are pics in my gallery
Anyway all of this from the dealer came to £74 (inc vat)- will be less if you don't want all or if they are smaller (obviously der!).

i think there might instructions on how to do it on here somewhere.......

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The black grill was/is standard on the one its just that on earlier cars the chrome line exterior didn't include the grill.It was cheaper than the currenty chrome line hence there wasn't so much in it.It was £80 on mine.
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