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Chromeline S Body Kit??

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Will any of the aftermarket people get their act together and design a chrome line body kit for the S??

Surely this would be a big seller, based on the amount of people out there, including me, who think the S doesnt have enough chrome??
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macncheese said:
Whats a chromeline body kit?

Well, it doesnt exist, but Im thinking of bumpers with the chrome trim / accents available on the cooper - it wouldnt be a problem on the back, front would be harder to integrate, but it should be possible !!??

That, along with a chrome grille, slatted like the body coloured S grille would make the car for me......:)

motion seconded.

I wonder has anyone thought of manufacturing a kit like this yet ???:rolleyes:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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