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Sorry if I've put this in the wrong forum...

My question, I get little smudges on my doors, mostly finger prints with make up on them from either me or my friends. In my last car you could usually rub them out with your finger but the texture of the door of the MINI it can be a struggle to remove them, even with the MINI interior cleaner, and I've been noticing it leaves wipe marks and it's kinda overly time consuming trying not to "miss a bit". Water seems to do nothing only wet the surface until it eventually dries the same way it was to begin with. I've tried dash wipes which is a bad idea too, they seem have some greasey substance in them that is just nasty. Anyone got a solution to this?

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and me...fanatical! hmmm ive only found one solution to this-warm soapy water,use it (not by any means sparingly!) quick dry infact and then once youve rubbed down the area dry at once with a cloth etc which MUST BE LINT FREE, otherwise you get fibres stuck to your precious interior trim! not good! that my findings anyhow! all the best!

By the way recieved my order of Meguliars NXT generation stuff yesterday and used it last night- all i can say- WOW, get some mini2 owners! (free P&P)

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